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Advanced Englander Mattresses for Daily Low Prices

For a century Englander mattresses have pioneered “Better Sleep, by Design,” and the advent of memory foam on the market has only accelerated that. Customers love Englander so Curly’s Furniture always has these lab-tested, sleeper-approved nighttime solutions available, and for lower prices than the other guy.

Orthopedic Englander Mattresses

An orthopedic Englander mattress boasts coils individually encased in order to keep your spine properly aligned as well as help you relax. Open-cell viscoelastic foam, which Englander has been working since memory foam’s first smash success on the mattress market in the ‘90s, means your new Englander mattress will keep you cool all night, guaranteeing you deep, recharging sleep. This temperature control is bolstered by Graphene infused into the foam. This was developed in Englander’s labs to work alongside gel to transfer excess heat AWAY from you even more thoroughly. In addition, special coils relieve painful pressure points so at last after a long day you can heal and dream.

Let’s get started on AFFORDABLY getting you the awesome night’s sleep you’ve long deserved. Our DeKalb, IL store and other Illinois locations will make it happen and for less than you thought!

Hybrid Englander Mattresses

Micro-encased springs and reticulated ultra-high-density memory foam distinguish hybrid Englander mattresses from their competition. The result, from scientific theory proven in sleep labs, is a total sleep experience. The foam and gel partner with a breatheable upholstered cover to give the sleeper perfect temperature control as well as complete support, fitting the body’s contours so all the muscles can relax. Stabilized edges give needed reinforcement to prevent dangerous rolloff.

E-gel Englander Mattresses

E-gel Englander mattresses are arguably the most innovative memory foam mattress on the market. Employing CoolBlue Sleep Technology, special gel-infused memory foam maximizes temperature control, motion-disturbance minimization, and body support, and minimizes pressure on shoulders and hips. This state-of-the-art mattress has hundreds of individually wrapped coils. Better still, this mattress is anti-microbial.

To try out a wonderfully constructed, American-made Englander mattress for yourself, do visit our DeKalb, IL store or any of our other Illinois locations. See you soon!